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La Girandola goes for more sustainable tourism. We are not looking for perfection, but would like to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly and strive for improvements in smaller or bigger ways. Whether growing our own fruit, supporting local businesses or using renewable energy.
Eco-sustainability items
Charging station for electric bicycles
Our guests have a Bike-room with the possibility to charge their E-bikes.
Supporting the local economy
We try to buy locally as much as possible (km-zero) and for the breakfast buffet we use as much as possible homemade or locally produced products.
No single use products
Using refillable soap and shampoo containers can significantly reduce waste. Instead of replacing empty containers with new ones, soap/shampoo/conditioner is refilled from bulk containers.
Use of renewable energy
The electricity that is used comes as much as possible from renewable energy sources. La Girandola has its own photovoltaic panels for solar energy.
Recycled waste
Waste (residual waste, glass, paper, plastic, metal/aluminium) is separated, recycled and disposed of appropriately. With clear and easy recycling instructions to help our guests reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.
Environmentally friendly cleaning products
We prefer to use environmentally friendly cleaning products (preferably refillable
Energy saving lamps
Almost all light bulbs at La Girandola are energy saving bulbs, preferably LED lighting.
Water-saving faucets
For all bathrooms and kitchens, we use water-saving faucets that reduce the amount of water to 6 liters per minute or less, as well as amplify the water jet.
Towel change on request
Our reuse policy changes guest bed linen and towels only on request or once a week, rather than every day.
Natural air conditioning
Natural air conditioning is achieved through the structure of our historic farmhouse (including thick walls, small windows, shutters, airflow through the property)
Kitchen appliances in energy class A
Appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, televisions, etc.) have energy label class A.
High efficiency boiler > 90%
Efficiency plays an important role in the operation of our boiler and in the cost of the fuel bill. The higher the efficiency of the boiler, the lower the fuel costs and the better for the environment.

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